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Leadership Training, Summer Business Exposure or International Internship
Transformational Leadership Program
We believe experience is the best teacher and our Visiting Professionals prove that in spades. Our three Transformational Leadership Program modules: The Leader Inside, The Leader and the Team, The Leader and the Organization unlock key principles of being a successful leader today. Internship and SELP evaluations are made throughout TLP.
Summer Entrepreneurial Leadership Program
A deep immersion into US business culture, experience for yourself what our executives and entrepreneurs uncovered during TLP. Ask direct questions to founders, executives and top managers of some of the largest corporations and fastest growing SMB's. You will visit 15-20 dynamic companies over the course of 1 intense month in Seattle and Chicago.
Customized Internship Placement
Are you ready? Because this is only for the best. Customized Internship Placements with top SMB's for the best candidates from TLP and SELP. This is not work and travel, it's a pairing between a fantastic company and you. Give your drive and intelligence and our companies will give you the wealth of their knowledge and experience. This is unlike any internship you've ever had.
Investing in your future?
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We Believe
Great leaders make the world better. As a non-profit, our primary objective is your success as a leader. That's it. So now you know how motivated we are. How motivated are you?
Exclusive business executives and entrepreneurs
We find innovative, successful executives and entrepreneurs that have created vibrant company cultures. They will show you how they did it and teach you how to do the same.
Customized Training
We don't believe one size fits all when it comes to leadership or your career. Everyone is different. We offer training that is customized to the person. Discover the leader inside of you.
We look at this like a relationship, a commitment. We have expert guides invested in you reaching your potential. People who have gone through the challenges you face today. Who can push you, support you, and celebrate your success.
20 years of success
Our graduates have gone on to have great careers in Big Four, Fortune 500, and Government positions, or as Founders of their own companies. We know what it takes and know how to get you there.
Be a part of an exclusive network of E2 Alumni. Find your next career, discover new opportunities, identify great new talent. Partner with people you trust. No matter where life takes you, you are always connected.
students travelled to the US
5 551 000
miles travelled by our students
80 000
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Get to know our alumni
"A lot of people asked me how I could go to the USA. First of all I want to say that it is not "Work and Travel" program. I will start from describing my attitude of using time. USING – not WASTING. I prefer to use every second of my life with benefit. This program let me combine "business with pleasure", so I can travel and study in a very unusual and interesting way. "
"No less interesting in Seattle is, of course, it's people, who REALLY love to talk about food and the seahawks. It was funny when we had a team-lunch with my colleagues and their main topic were these two, I had no a clue what they were talking about. My advice to those who wanna travel to the US is to know as much about local food as you can, cause it's very important. And if you know it well, you have at least one topic to talk about. "
"The one thing I absolutely love and respect about SELP and E2 is that people who help us in our studies of transformational leadership actually Do what they Teach. They transform, they lead, they create this culture.
I noticed for some time ago already that the way we (SELP students) think is already slight changing, because you can't truly give yourself away and try to be engaged in this process like we do and avoid different changes from the inside. And that is exactly why I think this program must end up with good outcome and strong results: we are not being told what to do and how to do, we learn how to think through new experience, it brings changes to our hearts and minds and we figure out what to do and how to act by ourselves. "
"I would express this journey as my next step to successfull self-development. And I absolutely loved it! Business games, meetings, lunches…The last combination of business I started loving more in US due to its portions… But the point is not this..
Because beside business, leadership skills which were one of the main focuses, I got a lot of other stuff too. Cultural differences, people that I met and the atmosphere of the SELP widened my eyes, made me to dream even higher and thank everyone who was the part of it!""
E2 identifies and develops some of the best talent in Central Asia. Find your next star and invest in top young minds. evaluations are made throughout TLP.
E2 offers customized leadership and biz seminars taught by top executives and entrepreneurs. Connecting your best graduates with international internships and a successful career.
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